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I'm Here to Tell You It's O.K.

Did you know that you don't have to have your child do every single math problem in a lesson? They can do just the odd numbered problems or just the even numbered ones sometimes. It's true that some students need a lot of repetition and practice whereas some children will curl up and die if they have to keep doing problems when they have already shown mastery.

Skip problems.

Skip whole lessons, if needed.

It's O.K.

Did you know that instead of always having your child write out the answers to their history or literature questions, you can do them out loud together (orally)? It takes less time, it's less frustrating, and you won't have anything to grade later.

Talk instead of write.

Discuss that book instead of answering questions.

It's O.K.

Did you know your young, wiggly children don't have to sit at the table to do spelling? Have them spell the words out loud while they jump or bounce a ball. Have them paint the wooden fence with water and a paintbrush. Brush those letters or words on the fence and the sun will dry them when you are done. Have them paint their words or make them with play dough.

Have fun instead of always doing boring stuff.

Kill two birds with one stone while they strengthen their hands, or exercise while learning their words.

It's O.K.

Did you know it's O.K. to stop reading a book that is super boring and both you and the student hate reading it? There are other books. It's O.K.

I once even threw a math book in the trash, gave my daughter the week off of math while I searched for something better, and started over the next week. Best decision I ever made. It was O.K.

Did you know that you can snuggle up on the couch to do science instead of sitting in hard chairs? Did you know you can stop the lesson to watch a movie clip on YouTube that you were suddenly reminded of because it goes with the lesson--EVEN IF that's not in the book?

Did anyone tell you it was O.K. to laugh with your kids during school?

Well I just did. It's O.K.


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