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Once Upon a Time...

...things were very different at our house. We left early in the morning, spent all day away from each other, came back home in the evening, watched TV, and went to bed. Then we woke up and did it all again the next day.

Something gnawed at me that this was not the way to live. I wanted to come home and raise our daughter. We felt stuck, however. It never worked out on paper. We kept plugging. I looked around at all my working friends and told myself their kids were fine. Mine would be fine too.

But it saddened me to see all these women in their cars every morning with empty carseats in the back. Our babies were with someone else. It made no sense. I started praying for God to change our family. It wasn't just me working--we had started to realize that our lives didn't look much different from any family--except where we were at 10am on Sunday mornings.

It took a few years and then a few years of transition, but I finally found myself at home in the summer of 2007. We started homeschooling that August. We never looked back. Husband had to work another job to make ends meet, but we were both committed to this new way of life.

I'm summing up years of praying, crying, and growth in just a few paragraphs. It sounds so neat and tidy when you look back and describe it this way. But understand, when we were living in the middle of it, we did not know the outcome. But we trusted God.

When our third daughter was born in the spring of 2012, I told my husband I needed him home more (his second job kept him gone a LOT). So we made the decision for him to work only one job. But a few months later, a preaching position opened up at our church. This August will mark 11 years of him being a preacher and we will begin our seventeenth year of homeschooling.

So once upon a time, things were very different around here. And then, they got so much better.


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