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The Ones We Will Be Using This Year

For the 2020-2021 school year, I will have a 3rd grader and a 10th grader. (We have a college student too but I'm not her teacher anymore!) Here are our curriculum choices for the year:

Language Arts/English/Writing/Spelling/Grammar/Art/Geography

Yes, we really will cover all of that in one, fell swoop with The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts. This will be our third year using TGTB and we haven't looked back. I very much wish this curriculum had been around for my oldest because it is so good.


These are working for each girl and we will continue with them.


I have used this Astronomy for all my girls in 3rd grade and am excited to teach it again. This will be our second time using Guesthollow Biology adn I'm looking forward to using the updated version.


We love Notgrass! OSSS will be new to our family and EAH will be a repeat, but we will be using the updated student pack, which I hear is an improvement. Also I love American History and I am glad this is one thing we can study together!


My younger daughter will be doing a timeline of the Old Testament this year. I know this is for younger children, but I am just using it as a timeline guide. I will change and add activities as needed.

Notgrass Exploring American History (Bible credit included)

A high school Bible credit is an option with this history curriculum. We will add in our own things as needed.


One is just learning and the other is just practicing for speed and accuracy. It's a nice break in their day, actually.

ASL (American Sign Language)

My high schooler is continuing her ASL learning using ASL University.

Fine Arts

We normally participate in a fine arts co-op but that is still up in the air beause of COVID-19. If we end up not doing that, we will do some art classes together as well as use Outschool for art learning.

I am not an affiliate for any of these companies. Just sharing what we are using to help others!


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