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Pick a Reason, Any Reason

There are a myriad of reasons for homeschooling. Today I’m going to list some for you to think about. Maybe you’ll find some you agree with. Perhaps you'll see some reasons you never thought of. Maybe you’ll think they are all bad reasons. That’s OK, as long as you are solid on your choice.

My child is gifted and the school isn’t challenging him enough.

My child has special needs and the school isn’t meeting them properly.

My child has health issues and needs care at home.

My child has health issues and I feel better with them not exposed to the general population.

We are a military family or move often for our jobs so homeschooling would provide stability.

My child has issues that take time away from school for treatment or therapy so regular school can’t work into our schedule.

My child is a talented actor and is currently working on a movie set so she needs to be homeschooled.

My child is training for the Olympics so they spend a great deal of the day doing that.

We live in an unsafe area and I don’t feel safe sending her to school.

A member of our family has a terminal illness or is hospitalized and we need to not have to worry about tardies and absences right now.

We have an older family member living with us who needs 24 hour care so we need to stay home as much as possible.

My child fell behind during the pandemic and I want to help them get back on track.

We have the opportunity to travel this year with my husband’s job and we don’t want the kids to miss this opportunity.

We want to spend more time together as a family.

A grandparent has offered to homeschool our child and we would love for our child to get to know them better.

My child has anxiety or deals with other issues that makes traditional school extremely stressful.

We have always wanted to homeschool.

I was a teacher in the public school system and I don’t want my child going there.

My child used to love learning but going to public school has killed that. We want to homeschool so he can love learning again.

My child is being bullied.

My child is falling behind in school and I want to help him get caught up before middle school or high school.

We want to homeschool for religious reasons.

My child needs more help in school than the school is providing and I feel she would thrive with one on one instruction. I want my children to spend time together and be best friends.

The school gives way too much homework and we want more free time as a family.

The teacher my child got this year is not a good fit for him.

My child has food allergies and going to school would not be safe for her.

My child has ADHD and needs a different type of learning and support.

My child is a musician and needs to spend hours a day practicing and in lessons.

Our family owns a ranch, farm, or business and we want our children to work alongside us.

We are a missionary family and live overseas.

I want my child to not be negatively impacted by peers.

There are too many gangs in our area.

I want to provide an education in multiple languages that our school does not offer.

I’m sure I left some off! I hope you can see that there are just so many, many reasons a family would choose to homeschool, whether temporarily or long-term. Is there a reason on this list that fits your family? What is your why?

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Excellent!! You had sone reasons I’d never thought if.

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