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Homeschool Links

Here are some of my favorite sites to help you on your homeschool journey!

Cathy Duffy Reviews --Cathy Duffy has written reviews on almost all the homeschool curricula out there. Her reviews are insightful and can help you make decisions.

Curricula We Are Currently Using

Sonlight Curriculum--we use the History, Readers, and Bible from this company. This year we are trying their science out for the first time as well.

Guesthollow--This is one of my favorite homeschool curricula companies out there. We have used the bulk of their science over the years as well as a few other things. Currently using their Language Arts.

Notgrass--This is a solid curriculum. My high schoolers learned a lot about going back through a non-fiction text to find answers. You can get 3 high school credits from each course, or just use what you need. Currently using the civics curriculum for middle school. Has a great supplemental app with videos and extras that is really helpful.


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