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I Was a Poet and Didn't Know It

If you've visited the author page on my website, you may have noticed that last fall, I announced a "NEW BOOK".


One night, I was sitting in my chair after everyone else had gone to bed, and I was thinking about the books my sister bought me when I first started teaching. They were books of little prayers for different situations that teachers may find themselves in. They were very good to read and encouraging on hard days. After a few months, I somehow remembered the name of one of them. They were titled Chalkdust and its sequel, Recess both by Elspeth Campbell Murphy.

(Those are both affiliate links, by the way. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a little bit of money from qualifying purchases.)

Homeschool teachers need something like that, I thought. I was inspired, and I started writing. Mine aren't really prayers, but short poems about different situations homeschool moms find themselves in. A few of the poems rhyme, but mostly they are free verse poetry. That seemed to be the best way to get all my thoughts and emotions out on paper.

So last fall, when I should have been working on that "NEW BOOK" I promised you, I was actually writing poetry. You know what? Lucky you---there are now going to be TWO NEW BOOKS! Yes, with all these years of homeschooling behind me, it turns out I had enough to say to make a whole book of it, and I dearly hope it will be a great encouragement to homeschool teachers.

So the NEW poetry book is written, edited, and formatted. All that remains is adding the illustrations and publishing it. I took some time off during the holidays while we had guests and everything that goes along with the holidays, but now I'm back at work. Yes, it does mean that the OLD NEW BOOK will be delayed a little longer while I complete the NEW NEW BOOK, but that's OK.

Writers gotta write. Artists gotta create. Poets gotta... interrupt what they are doing to write a poetry book. Or something like that.

That's your author update for today.


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