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One Big Thing

The loss of their usual routine during the summer can really affect some kids (and parents!). Finding your summer vibe is important to help your household run smoothly and your children know what to expect each day.

Maybe you have complicated childcare arrangements in the summer. I used a chart similar to this for my oldest when she was 2 just so she would know whose house she was going to the next day. I just drew a house shape and wrote either a "G" or a "B" inside the house. That let her know if she was going to Grandma and Grandpa's house, or her babysitter's house.

Maybe your kids are in daycare and they need to know if tomorrow is splash day or a field trip so they can pack and dress accordingly. Maybe your kids are in summer activities and you need them to help keep track of it all. Mamas, I know YOU have it on your calendar (and in your head), but it can be very helpful to let the little people in on the plan too.

Feel free to print these (free!) charts to use on your refrigerator, or wherever your family looks for information. If you have older children who read, just write the week's big events in each shape. If you have littles or non-readers, a simple picture will do. Just draw a swimsuit and some little waves for swimming day, a book for library day, a house for "stay home day", etc.

No need to overwhelm your children with the WHOLE to do list, just put the one big thing they need to know. Don't have any plans? Make some! Kids like to have one big thing to look forward to each day. If you don't have plans to go anywhere, just declare one day to be Movie Day, one day Art Day, another day Build a Fort Day. It doesn't have to be complicated. And you might be surprised how seeing it on an "official document" makes them look forward to it like it's a real thing and not something you just made up.

Other ideas: Cooking/Baking Day

Spa Day (bubble bath, nails, hairdo)

Playdough Day

Painting Day

Sprinkler Day

Library Day

Park Day

As you can see, the one big thing on the list might not even last an hour, but it gives them something to look forward to and some framework for your week.

summer items
Download PDF • 167KB

watermelon summer
Download PDF • 164KB

mermaid 1
Download PDF • 1.09MB

mermaid 2
Download PDF • 286KB

soccer summer
Download PDF • 238KB

post it summer
Download PDF • 188KB

woodland summer
Download PDF • 770KB

Print one out and try it this week!

Happy Summering!


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