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Summer Reading & Rewards

Every summer we participate in our local library's summer reading program. My children have always enjoyed logging their books and earning points. At the end-of-summer party, they eat ice cream and celebrate their accomplishment.

You don't need a great library program to encourage your children to read in the summer. Not all children will like reading in the summer. Reading during the school year? Oh sure...they expect that. But getting them to read when it isn't an assignment can be trickier. That's where the library has it right! Rewards, things to earn, ice cream, and celebrations should all be in a parent's bag of tricks to encourage summer reading.

If traditional reading logs seem daunting to your child, feel free to download and print these fun summer reading logs to use. Once they fill a whole reading log with book titles (or stickers for little ones), treat them to something special. Hang these reading logs up for everyone to admire and see how many they can finish this summer! Remember, it doesn't matter if they read the book or only listened--it all counts.

Reward ideas: (you want to start small and work your way up to a bigger treat at the end of the summer)

  • hugs/high fives

  • calling grandparents to brag

  • special food treats

  • a small toy

  • an experience (park, pool, etc.)

  • a play date with friends or cousins

  • a trip to the bookstore

  • something they have been asking for

These reading logs can be printed in color or black and white. Parents can write the titles if needed, or children can simply add a sticker or decorate each area with colors. Use them to celebrate your child's reading all summer long!

Happy Reading!


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