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We Interrupt This Book For Another Book

I announced recently that I was so happy to be working on a new book. This one is very special to me because I actually wrote it years and years ago for my oldest daughter. I've been working on it--getting it ready to publish for the general public rather than just a 9-year-old who cares nothing about historical accuracy.

However, as writers are wont to do...I was inspired one night. And the result of that inspiration is a completely whole other different not-the-one-I-told-you-I-was-working-on book. Surprised? You and me both, honey.

A scene from our homeschool several years ago.

With all the recent changes to our homeschool (I'm down to only one student!), I guess I was feeling a little sentimental about the last 16+ years of homeschooling my girls. I started writing to encourage other homeschool moms, and the book just sort of spilled out of me.

I'm planning on this one being an ebook. It will be available just as soon as I can get it all formatted and ready. As usual, writing it was the easy part. I'm working on it every chance I get--in the evenings, early mornings, at scout meetings, in waiting rooms, etc. There's a little too much "part-time" in my writing gig, but I love doing it.

Anyway, I hope you will be excited about this new book with me! It's not a children's book. It's not only for homeschoolers. It was never in my plans.

I can't wait to share it with you.

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