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Wearing All the Hats

Look, I'm used to multi-tasking. I have been at this mothering gig for nearly 22 years and I've been homeschooling for 14 years. I can fill multiple roles at once--no problem. So becoming a children's book author means that I will also become a children's book editor. I'll be doing the layout, the font, the arranging. My amazing illustrator already did some layout for me naturally with the illustrations, but there is still more to do.

Why will I be doing all of this? This is the world of self-publishing. It's an amazing time we live in where anyone can publish their work without the services of a large New York publishing house. No rejection letters for this girl. I'm foisting my book on the world whether they want it or not! I will be using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), which is part of Amazon. We have chosen to publish the book in both e-book and paperback formats.

Since my "launch week" where I announced the book plans, we have been a little busy getting our oldest daughter married. It was a wonderful weekend and a first time for us doing a wedding from the side of "mother and father of the bride". Weddings are a lot of work unless you hire everything out! We didn't, by the way. It was a hybrid--part vendors and part DIY. I remarked several times during the wedding planning that things sure had changed. Twenty-eight years ago we did things according to tradition. Today, it seems like there are no rules. We did that wedding exactly like we wanted to because we (mostly) did it ourselves.

Kind of like my book. I guess that's just how we do things around here. Will I one day have a big name publisher behind my books? Maybe. But for now, I'm wearing the hats and learning as I go.

And I so appreciate all your support and enthusiasm. I'll keep you updated on how the book is coming along!


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