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Free Stuff for Teachers!

As we all get ready to kick off the new school year, taking a little time to teach about manners, kind words, and friendship can go a long way in ensuring a smooth school year with our students. If you own a copy of the book I published last year, do I have a treat for you!

(If you don't, it's available on Amazon.)

I've got some free lesson plans to kick off your year that go along with my book! There are also free printables--a coloring sheet and several simple worksheets that allow responses to the book. These freebies are best used with pre-K through 2nd-grade level, but they are adaptable to other ages as well. These can be used in both classroom settings and homeschool or co-ops.

If you would like to share the lesson plans and printables with another teacher friend, please direct them to my website. Thank you and I hope you all have a great year!

Just click the button below and then scroll down to access the free lesson plans and printables.


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